“Granito: Every Memory Matters” (GMEM) is a project that was inspired by the creation of the film “Granito de Arena.” The project GMEM was created to help recover the Guatemalan collective memory, both for people living in the Guatemalan territory, as for the 1.3 million living in the U.S.

The GMEM project provides tools for the collection of memories related to the internal armed conflict in Guatemala that lasted from 1976-1985. This conflict, a genocidal war against the indigenous population, killed an estimated 200,000 of Guatemalans as well as other 45,000 people missing. This dark period of Guatemala’s recent history has remained hidden and silent.

For this reason, one of the main goals of the project is to involve GMEM Guatemalan youth (70% of the population in Guatemala is under 30 years), who know very little about that time so dangerous that their elders lived.

By using the power of memory, facilitate intergenerational exchange, and put the files in a publicly accessible site on the Internet for future generations, we hope to contribute to long-term goal of establishing “The National Accord,” a common historical narrative, and build a future in harmony.

The reports collected in this project can be in the form of short videos, photographs, letters, music or even a text message about a loved one is gone. All the memories collected through this project are included in this interactive website, which serves as a public record. Each memory is easily accessible to the search of labels, each memory can likewise be displayed chronologically on an interactive map. The website is a solemn memorial of the past and existing evidence of the strength of the Guatemalan people.

The project GMEM works in Guatemala and United States with established organizations that seek truth and justice through their projects. Also depends on user-generated content. Any person wishing to share their memories or do interviews with friends and family can contribute to the.

The project is managed by a “Team Report,” and is directed by a staff based in the U.S. and one in Guatemala. The staff serves as a bridge between those who live in the U.S. and those living in Guatemala. “Team Memory” acts as a link, provides facilitators and trainers, and assist communities in the collection of memories that will be part of the.


“Granito: Every Memory Matters” (GMEM) is a project of Skylight Pictures, inspired by the creation of the film “Granito de Arena” and developed at the Institute HCVF.

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