He owns a little store near my house. The place is kind of dirty and he and his family are poor but too warm and friendly people, I met him because he just bought a computer and he needed some help, so we became friends…

One day, we were talking about his past and where he came from and he started telling me about his old village and its beauty. He told me about a river, warm people and of the brave “Guerrilleros” who were fighting for freedom in the Guatemalan civil war wich ran from 1960 to 1996.

He was born during the conflict and most of his family were guerrilla soldiers. He started helping his brothers when he was just a kid. As most of the kids in the village he received guerrilla training and he started sending messages to other guerrilla groups through all the country, I mean he carried with the message throughout the jungle, rivers or whatever he had to pass through and it was not a 3 hours trip, we are talking about days! So imagine the adventures he lived. If you have seen “Apocalipto” movie you can imagine how the tropical jungle is, if you dont watch it!!

A slaughter was close to his people when the famous Guatemalan genocide took place during the 80s. It was a plan of the government and the army which consisted on simply kill every Indigenous village that were not on their side so this would move the guerrilla to any place they wanted.

“The army was close to my village when we realized that they were coming to kill all of us. There were no adults in the village because they were all fighting in other place. We had no weapons, we were 10 kids of around 8 and 12 years old; The only ones who could fight. People in the village only needed time to go away and survive. We started to make bombs with fireworks that we had (Imagine that!!). With 5 bombs in each back we went to the forest and waited them in a place where we knew they will pass through.

A few minutes later we saw them, they were around 20 soldiers, we were in the right positions so we started to throw them the bombs.

The battle duration was of at least 5 hours, they killed one of us by a shotgun shot right in the chest, we shoted down 4 of them. My people were already quite away and safe”

While he told me that I could feel his lack of fear to blood and his fighting determination to get justice and peace for his people, but I also felt a great passion for life and a peacefull soul ready for the next time battle calls to the heart for justice and peace.

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